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Steve StouteJay-Z, Pharrell, & More Talk Race & Culture Relations In Business With Steve Stoute

On the heels of his latest book which hit shelves yesterday, Tanning Of America, businessman Steve Stoute (who is the branding and marketing genius behind some of the biggest celebs you love) has created a web series for AOL HuffPost where he talks with some of Hip Hop & Pop's leading tastemakers (like Jay-Z, Pharrell, Lady Gaga) about the interactions of race and business and how both are impacted by pop culture.


Steve Stoute, author of The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy, has made a name for himself in both the music industry and through linking some of music's biggest stars with high profile endorsement deals and business ventures (e.g Justin Timberlake/McDonald's, LeBron James/State Farm Insurance) through his Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging company.


Now he is hosting a video series called “The Tanning Effect" with AOL HuffPost where he talks to superstars like Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga about race, business and pop culture. Interesting food for thought..especially for our fab business savvy readers.


Master P in BankruptcyMaster P Heads to Bankruptcy Court

The economy discriminates against no one, including No Limit Soldier, Percy “Master P” Miller. Over the last few years, the rapper has been applauded for his philanthropic efforts. But now he’s in a financial bind and was forced to go to bankruptcy court due to a lawsuit filed by former employees. Miller was successfully sued for compensation by several members of the crew of his 2007 film ‘Uncle P,’ which he starred in, alongside cameo appearances by funnymen Cheech Marin and Ken Jeong. However, he failed to follow through with payment. The crew members were only asking for a measly $240,000 of his one time estimated $661 million fortune. But it was obviously enough for him to file bankruptcy or enough that he’s trying to get out of paying anything. According to court documents, Miller lists his monthly income at id=mce_marker,387 and pays the state minimum of $271 in child support. Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing, too.



McKinley Williams member of MazeReport: Maze’s McKinley Williams Has Died

A report at says Maze’s McKinley “Bug” Williams has died.


Williams, the band’s longtime percussionist, passed away in Chattanooga, Tennessee last Friday, September 2 according to an EUR source.


The story goes that he wasn’t feeling well at practice and went to his room. Someone noticed that he left his door opened and went in to check on him, but he was unresponsive. At that point he was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.


Williams, born in Philadelphia, was a lifelong friend of Frankie Beverly and formed Maze with Beverly following their transition out of a group called the Butlers, Soul Tracks reported.


“I’ve never really played with anyone else,” says Williams about Frankie Beverly at the Maze website. “I always wanted the same basic things that Frank wanted for the band and my attitude was, ‘let’s take it to the max.’”


As of this posting, specific details of Williams’ age, death and funeral services were not available.


Our condolences to the Williams family and and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. 

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