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Oxtails are enjoying an increased popularity throughout the South and would you believe in Louisiana restaurants as well as on the gourmet side .


I remember being introduced to oxtails’s in my mother and grandmother soups, but never as a main entree.....

 When I opened one of my restaurants in Houston I remember Oxtails was one of the meals customers requested. Really the recipe was easy, however there is an art to cooking this Soulful Delicacy. Just ask the Jamicans!


My teacher, the late Dr. Arthur Higgs, said biggest error is over cooking. You must Braise good on both sides, 20 minutes on each side.


Remember, they should be in tact when served. If they are falling off the bone you’ve over cooked them. Most super markets carry “Oxtails” and I know its a popular dish in Texas.Peppers and Tomatoes


Seasoning your Oxtails


What I found is that it depends on what your 'palate' dictates on how you choose to season them. Some recipes call for Red wine. Some hot peppers tomatoes. After all is said and done, it’s cooking time for a few hours (they make a Great Rich Gravy) and seasoning before hand, choose a slow cooker/ pressure cooker/ or big pot. (The cookers cut down on cooking time.)


Oxtails use to be cheap! Not any more.


Hope you enjoy my recipe. Please feel free to modify or adjust as you wish!!!!


Bon Appetite


Chef Carolyn




Cooking oil/ to cover the bottom of pot

4 pounds Oxtails

1 chopped onion

1 chopped bell pepper

3 cloves garlic chopped

green onions



Brown gravy Mix

(Tony Chacere /Zatarain’s)


2 cups Beef Stock

Dash cayenne pepper




  • Season Oxtails real well on both sides. Let them sit over night or 8 hours.
  • Sear Oxtails on both side
  • Add the vegetables and let saute in the dripping.
  • Add the gravy mixes and Stock water, then give it a vigrous stir.


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