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October 23, 2011

Lesson #6

Bible Fact: God has already prescribed in scripture how He will reveal Himself and His help to me.

Bible Text:       II Chronicle 7:14

Aim:               To lead students to improve their individual spiritual relationship with God through prayer and to experience more answered prayers.

A tale is told about a small town that had historically been "dry," but then a local businessman decided to build a tavern. A group of Christians from a local church were concerned and planned an all-night prayer meeting to ask God to intervene. It just so happened that shortly thereafter lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground. The owner of the bar sued the church, claiming that the prayers of the congregation were responsible, but the church hired a lawyer to argue in court that they were not responsible. The presiding judge, after his initial review of the case, stated that "no matter how this case comes out, one thing is clear. The tavern owner believes in prayer and the Christians do not." J.K. Johnston, Why Christians Sin, Discovery House, 1992, p. 129.

G. Influencing God with my prayers gives me confidence that He hears me when I pray.

1. What two things that I John 5:13-15 assures me as a believer will happen when I pray believing God?

2. Influencing God to answer prayer has positive impact for the believer and the unbeliever. Read I Kings 18:18-39. In v. 18 what two things had God’s people did to cause a need for prayer?

3. According to v. 21 what was the response from God’s people as to why they were double-minded in their daily living?

4. What was the influence of prayer from Baal to his followers and what were their reactions to Baal’s response? (vv.26, 28, 29)

5. According to v. 36 what are the three greatest reasons that God responded to Elijah’s prayers that made fire fall? What do they mean to me as a Christian?


Deuteronomy 28:8, 9

The Book of Deuteronomy is written by Moses to the nation of Israel as a reminder of what God had done for them and to encourage them to expect greater things to happen to them with God in their future. He is quick to link all of God’s expected blessings to Israel to their obedience to the will of God. In Exodus Chapter 19 God chooses Israel to be His holy treasure to Himself. Moses rehearses God’s expectations to the children of Israel as he prepares to move off of the scene. God expects for Israel (His Church) to be an example of His love and devotion toward them. Israel is to remember how God brought them from slavery, took care of them through the wilderness and now He is ready to give them the land of promise. Israel will reap the blessings of abundance for just obeying the will of God. Their fields and storehouses will be made plenteous in goods for their strict compliance to God’s will. They shall lack nothing in their bodies, in their houses and outside of their houses into the larger community. God desires that their harvest be manifested.

Times have not changed and neither have God’s people. God is still in the delivering business. God is still in the blessing business. Abundance is still the way of the lord. The word abundance is used approximately 67 times throughout the Bible. As one reviews these notations of the word abundance it is plain that abundance is tied to the meaning of increase. Some rush to false conclusions when the word abundance is used to mean millions in dollars or some other material goods. In fact, some of these verses do point to the increase of material goods; but, primarily the word simply means increase. There are so many things and reasons that each believer can go to God for increase. We need increases in our peace, in our health and healings, in our knowledge, in our joy, in our love, in our strength, etc.

God’s delight is to give us the harvest we need at the level that meets our individual needs for at least two reasons: 1) as a witness or sign to the unbeliever for how much God loves and empowers His children; 2) as a manifestation to His own people that they are always included in His will. The exchange of our trust and obedience are only small tokens to give to God for our harvest potential. However, it is difficult and always futile for the flesh to attempt to please God. Trust calls for God’s people to have faith in Him and His way. There are other ways that seem to be right but their end is destruction. In the following lessons students will get the opportunity to rehearse God’s way of increase in order to maximize their personal inventory of God’s bountiful blessings. As teachers you should closely encourage you to hear, heed and hearken unto the word of the Lord. In His word is His will. Enjoy and be blessed.



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