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December 11, 2011

Lesson # 12

Bible Fact:           My blessings that come into my storehouse are promised, planned, promoted and predestined by God in exchange for my growth to trust in His way.

Bible Text:          Deuteronomy 28:8, 9

Aim:      To lead students to obediently trust God to provide their blessings at a level to meet their individual needs.

A preaching group in China asked a very poor farmer to join them one spring in the work. `But I haven’t planted my wheat yet,” he said. Even as he was making his excuse a voice within his heart seemed to say, “Your wheat? Nay, your Heavenly Father’s wheat.” He went, although his heathen neighbors scoffed and said he was very foolish not to stay and plant his crops first. Instead his days were filled with planting the incorruptible Seed in the hearts of needy souls around him and he was happy. After a time, there were enough men on the team, so he could be released for a few days to return home and plant his wheat. His heart sank within him as he saw his neighbor’s fields a lovely green with the sprouting wheat, and he hadn’t even planted as yet! Then the comfort of the words, “Your heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of,” was brought home to his heart, and peace returned. The planting done, he returned to the team to sow the good Seed. For some little time there was no rain. The ground was so dry that his wheat seed did not sprout, but the green fields around him began to turn yellow, and before the drought was over a third of the crops had withered and died. Then came the refreshing rain, and his wheat took root and sprang up. When harvest season came he had a beautiful field of waving golden grain, whereas his neighbors complained bitterly of a poor harvest. Thus God honored His servant who was faithful to Him. Now his neighbors come to him, not in scorn, but to ask him when he is going to plant his crops, for they want to plant theirs at the same time.—From Attacking on All Fronts (China Inland Mission Report).


A. My harvest is directly tied to the place that I choose to deposit my seeds.

1. In Matthew 13:4-7 I can identify the three (3) types of ground where I should not deposit my seeds and continue to expect a great harvest from God.

2. According to v. 8 if my harvest conforms to my level of spiritually responsible growth I must choose the best ground to plant my seeds. What is that ground?

3. As a Christian believer what two things can I do to let God know that I am ready for my harvest? Read Matthew 13:23 and respond.

B. Giving is the sustainable source and guarantee of my harvest from God.

1. I will honor the three (3) actions in Proverbs 3:9, 10 that describe my harvest of plenty?

2. According to Malachi 3:10, 11 God has three (4) responses to my faithful giving that increases my harvest.


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