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banner_jboney_colorI am getting sick and tired of things being deemed negative and bad when black people do it. 

Whether it is music or fashion, black people tend to get a bad rap.

What has recently got me hot and bothered, is the way sports, when tied to black people is given a lot of negative critique, but with whites it is celebrated.

When black people typically do something spectacular in sports, many that are critical of black people and that success will say, “Yeah, but what about the grades?”

Sadly, I have even heard that from my own people.

While sports should not dominate the life of a student or their family, it shouldn’t be portrayed negatively either. Sports is something a community and a student athlete can be proud of.

Various school districts across the country and even in the Greater Houston area spend large salaries on white high school coaches and millions of dollars on building top-notch facilities to attract talent and ensure they have a powerhouse program.

Private schools have wealthy boosters and it is never questioned, it is the norm.

The majority of the world embraces sports and sports are always appreciated.

Youth and young adult athletes participate in global sports, such as the Olympics, Little League World Series and the World Cup.

These events are celebrated without reservation and young people are revered for their training and dedication of being the best in the world.

What about black athletes though?

The Katy Tigers are embraced for their success and dominance in high school football in Texas, and the media just shows them mad love.

But, where was that same love for the Jack Yates High School basketball team in Houston that went undefeated and were the National Champions.   They were questioned because of their style of play and considered rogue thugs from the inner city with no concern about education. 

What they didn’t know is that many of those guys went to college and one is even studying to be a doctor. 

I don’t recall current Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Andy Dalton, while as a Katy Tiger, being scrutinized for being the best at his high school, the same way Vince Young was scrutinized while at Madison High School.

The bottom line is, sports is important to all students, especially black students, because it teaches discipline, following instructions, handling conflict and most importantly teamwork.

Parents should continuously emphasize their child’s education over sports, don’t get me wrong.  But, don’t criticize our black kids for wanting to be the best leaders they can be, by learning these disciplines through sports.  

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