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banner_jboney_colorThere are three types of people that will be your opposition in life.

Don’t be surprised when you are faced with obstacles or challenges in your life, especially from these people.

The first person that you will encounter is your “competitor.”

Now your competitor doesn’t really have anything against you personally. You may or may not be friends, but you are either pursuing the same goal or wanting the same thing.

Don’t get it twisted though, they want to win and they want to beat you.

A good example would be in sports.

Locally, where I am from, Jack Yates High School, has always had Phillis Wheatley High School as their competitor. They were and are still rivals in many areas of sports.

The Yankees have the Red Sox. Muhammad Ali had Joe Frazier.

Another example would be politics.

The Democrats have the Republicans. The Incumbent has their Challenger.

The common denominator in all the scenarios aforementioned is that they were competitors.   It is to be expected.

Your competitor is going to do their absolute best to compete with you on every level and beat you, understanding that it is just a competition.

They simply want to be the best and it is just business, nothing personal.

Next on the list is a very familiar foe, your “adversary.”

Your adversary is the person that doesn’t agree with you or what you stand for, regardless of what it is.

They will do their best to argue with you, prove you wrong in most cases and challenge and/or question your every thought and deed.

If you say the sky is blue, they will say it is green.

If you say the weather is hot, they will say it is cold.

If you say that you like a song, they will rip the song apart and give reasons why the song sucks.

Bottom line, and I know you know these people, they are confrontational and adversarial on mostly every aspect of your life.

They will go out of their way to get people on their side, in order to prove their point or get their message across.

Your adversary is mostly driven by jealousy, envy or anger. Most of them are insecure or have experienced some deep hurts that have impacted them emotionally.

They want to either be you, have what you have or make your life a living hell.

Last but not least though is the one that we all should be most cognizant of, your “enemy.”

Beating you or winning against you is not optional for your enemy. They have a primary goal in mind.

Your enemy wants to destroy you.

They know that if they beat you or win against you, you can come back for round two.

Your enemy doesn’t want you to be their competitor anymore. Your enemy doesn’t want to play the adversarial role anymore.

They want to take you out.

In the Bible, you see that the Pharisees, Sadducees and chief priests had one mission, to kill Jesus. They didn’t want anything else. They were constantly plotting and looking for ways to kill Jesus. They did not stop until they got what they wanted.

In the 1984 movie “The Terminator,” Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the cyborg assassin programmed and sent back in time to do one thing, ‘kill Sarah Connor.” That was his mission.

These people are reckless and will say or do anything to ruin your character, destroy your name and take what you have. They have been programmed with evil intent and they are committed to fulfilling their mission at all costs.

But no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We are covered in the blood of Jesus, for those who believe.  

Be wise and be vigilant, but most of all know your opposition and put them in their proper place in your mental rolodex.

Jeffrey L. Boney is the lead staff writer for the Houston Forward Times newspaper, Next Generation Project Fellow and a dynamic, international speaker. Jeffrey is the Founder and CEO of the Texas Business Alliance and is an experienced entrepreneur and business development strategist. If you would like to request Jeffrey as a speaker, you can reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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