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Sunday School-LTC Lessons

A Christian Life Connection Series

Lesson # 10: How I Can Help Me to Improve by Listening More 

Bible Fact: God’s word teaches believers the positive value of how to humanly relate to themselves in a spiritually appropriate manner.  

Bible Text: Luke 10:27b 

 How good a listener are you? 

1) Since you think about four times faster than a person usually talks, do you use this time to think about other things while you’re keeping track of the conversation? 

2) Do you listen primarily for facts rather than ideas when someone is speaking? 

3) Do you avoid listening to things you feel will be too difficult to understand? 

4) Can you tell from a person’s appearance and delivery that there won’t be anything worthwhile said? 

5) When someone is talking to you, do you appear to be paying attention when you’re not? 

6) Do certain words and phrases prejudice you so you cannot listen objectively? 

7) When listening, are you distracted by outside sights and sounds? Leadership, Vol.1, No. 4, p. 99. 

Judging who I listen to is as important as to how I listen. I realize that my person and character will improve as I perfect my listening skills. 

I. According to Psalm 66:18 what one thing can keep God from hearing my prayers? How can I keep this event from taking place within my heart? 

II. According to Psalm 119:9-12 and Isaiah 30:21 how can I get help from the Lord that will help me to improve my listening skills? 

III. According to Ecclesiastes 9:17, 18 how can the wisdom of quietness help improve my life? I can give several examples whereby quietness has helped me to gain victories. 


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