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bible_lessons_307Holman Street Baptist Church:

Sunday School-LTC Lessons

A Weekly Christian Growth Series


The Holy Spirit is at work changing me to be what God intends for me to be.


Bible Fact: The Bible is the infallible word of God and the primary authorized written source that gives Divine instructions to all true Christians.

Bible Text: John 16:7,13

Aim: To lead students to accept the Holy Ghost as the promise of Jesus Christ to them personally and to encourage them to be guided by His will for their decisions and daily living.

News commentator Dan Rather has a good way of keeping his professional objective always in mind. He says he looks often at a question he’s written on three slips of paper. He keeps one in his billfold, one in his pocket, and one on his desk. The probing reminder asks, “Is what you are doing now helping the broadcast?” Our Daily Bread. Christians should also ask themselves daily how they are doing with their kingdom assignment. The work of the Holy Ghost helps Christians to maximize their kingdom purpose, especially through adverse situations. My change to fit God’s will happens with the help that the Holy Ghost gives me.

I. God saved me and put me in His body along with other members.

Read I Corinthians 12:12-27. I can identify the one outstanding verse within all of these verses that is the main reason why the Apostle Paul is concerned about the body.

II. I can explain how being an unholy graffed branch the Holy Spirit makes me a part of the holy body of Jesus Christ?

Read Romans 11:11-20

III. God intends for me to be holy.

Read Ephesians 4:20-25; I Thessalonians 4:4-8. I can point at least six (6) things that my new life in the spirit of Christ is now responsible to do in me to share my holiness with others.

IV. According to Acts 9:23,24 what is the one thing that some people seek to do to prevent the assignment of the Holy Ghost from being fulfilled in a Christian forgiven by God? I can think of ways that this is carried out today in the Christian community.

V. God intends for me to be willing to help others to develop their spiritual purpose in life.

Read Acts 9:19-31. I can list three (3) things from v.27 that Barnabas did to help Saul develop as a Christian disciple.

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