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Valecia Weeks is the owner of Assuring Hands Massage Therapy where she is a Professional Licensed Therapist as well as a Birth Dopula. She is also a licensed ZUMBA instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer with NESTA.


Ever heard the words “HEART SMART”? There’s nothing to motivate an individual more that the thought of having a heart attack or bypass surgery. Oh, that’s right…heart attacks only happen to the other person, never to us, right ladies? Not true. Until we ladies change our way of thinking and become proactive in preventing such a catastrophe as a heart attack, we CAN be the “other person.” For the most part, we shrug off the possibility of having heart problems because it is a gradual life long process that we can’t see. It just sneaks up on us.

121111_health_weeksBy Valecia Weeks, CPT, LMT

Back Pain & Massage


Did you know that in your lifetime, you may be one of the 70 to 85 % of individuals who experience back pain? Whether this pain is from overwork in a yoga class, long term pain from an old injury, or just fatigued back muscles from trying to keep up with the young’uns on the basketball court…back pain is back pain.



Webster defines “DIET” as food and drink regularly consumed or as the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason; whereas, we divas define the word “DIET” as torture and starvation. We’ve been taught that if we just eat our little celery sticks and dry toast, those pounds will just melt away. Well that is as untrue as water draining uphill! The fact is that your body will just think it is starving and hang onto those extra pounds, thus keeping us running to the scale every 5 minutes.   So, ladies, I’m here to give you great news: GET OFF THE DIETS….EAT!

Breast Cancer SurvivorBreast Cancer Survivor Shares a Contagious Smile


Harris County Hospital District patient shares her story of survival.

HOUSTON – Josette Hubert remembers November 10, 2004. That’s the day she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.


Health and Fitness For The Busy Woman
By Valecia Weeks, CPT, LMT

Another Headache?

Have you ever wondered why headaches happen? Have you ever even pondered on what type of headache you may be having…or do you just decide that these nagging “progress stoppers” are just a part of life and just live with them? Sometimes we do just get so used to them being a normal part of life that we fail to realize that with a little proactive planning, there is something that can be done to manage and even prevent them.


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