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v13_marian_wright_edelmanTwo civil rights warriors from vastly different generations have told the nation’s largest association of Black newspapers that the Black Press is sorely needed to lead Black people out of a quagmire of modern-day injustices – some from the outside and some self-inflicted.

“Illiteracy, poverty, out-of-wedlock rates, the incarceration rates are going to take away the last 50 or 60 years of progress if the Black community and Black adults and the Black Press and Black churches don’t stand up and say no,” Marian Wright Edelman, 73, told an audience of Black publishers at the National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation’s Newsmaker of the Year dinner.

v12_editorial_naacpNAACP President/CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous and an NAACP delegation are in Geneva this week. They are reporting to the United Nations Civil Rights Council on the “rogue and malicious manner” by which some states in the U. S. are establishing new voting rights laws that disparately affect racial minorities.

v11_carroll_robinsonSince officially taking office in January of this year, several issues of concern at HCC have come to my attention that all taxpayers and concerned citizens need to be made aware.

I. HCC’s Contract with Qatar. The Qatar contract was not reviewed by any lawyer before $43 million of local taxpayers money was committed to help a foreign government while tens of thousands of Houston area residents still need financial help to attend HCC to secure an associate degree or workforce retraining. This happened before I was elected last year - November 2011. I support terminating this contract immediately.

v8_roland_martinThe furor over CNN contributor Roland Martin’s controversial Super Bowl tweets and his subsequent suspension by the network has, curiously, been devoid of comment by Black leadership.

“I am very embarrassed at the silence within the Black leadership community,” Raynard Jackson, a Washington, D.C.-based political strategist and commentator, told the AFRO.

v7_black_pharmacy_in_dangerThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering whether to allow a corporate merger that could result in great strides backward for African Americans and others suffering from economic and health ills.  

Stick with me, because it gets a little complicated.


I rarely say I am angry because plain old anger can consume and destroy, but it’s about time for a lot of us to get constructively angry and tell these so-called leaders with such bad behavior that they are getting out of hand! We have got to unite and find action to stop them or we risk having a whole generation of young people who are listening to and observing their garbage grow up thinking this is the way things are supposed to be!

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v2_mlk_mountaintopBackstage at the play Mountaintop, Angela Bassett kicked off her shoes and Samuel L. Jackson sported a battle-worn hat, showing no trace of the riveting star quality that had captivated the audience only minutes ago and had lines of fans awaiting autographs outdoors. Both were touchable and huggable, showcasing a dimension in their own interaction, much like their characters on stage, that no matter the layers of fame and fortune, underneath we all are still human.

121111_editorial_poor_peopleBy George E. Curry
NNPA Columnist

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich launched a nuclear attack on the needy last week by using ugly stereotypes to argue that people are poor because they are lazy and the solution to widespread poverty is scrapping child labor laws and putting poor kids to work in menial jobs.

113011_demand_excellenceThe best quality education is one of the most important issues that will determine ones future life, prosperity and destiny. But for Black American parents and students, this is the single most important issue that will affect not only our overall quality of life, but also will determine how we will achieve to the fullest extent actual freedom, justice, equality and empowerment. Excellence in education should not be just a matter for national political debate and dialogue; it should be the cause for urgent grassroots social action, protest and demand.

112211_black_friday_shoppersBy Alexis Taylor
Afro American Newspaper


Turkey lovers everywhere will have to shake off that after-dinner drowsiness a little sooner than usual if they plan to take advantage of some of the best Black Friday deals this year. For the first time ever, electronics, clothing, and other hot commodities will go on sale in some stores as early as 9 p.m. Thanksgiving night.


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