112211_yes_we_cainBy Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III
NNPA Columnist

As GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain battles charges of sexual harassment from four different women, he has used a number of ploys to defend himself. At the end of the day, whether the issue is sexual harassment, who developed his 9-9-9 Plan, or his limited understanding of foreign policy, the source of Herman Cain’s problems is his inability to command the facts. His problems don’t stem from the Perry campaign, “unstable women,” or the liberal media; Herman Cain’s problem is Herman Cain.

Obama : The God FactorWe all should well remember that in the aftermath of President Nelson Mandela winning the election in South Africa in 1994, there soon began a growing list of cynics and political pundits who mistakenly believed that President Mandela was compromising too much with the political forces of opposition at the expense of paying attention to the socioeconomic needs of the core of his base constituency in the African National Congress. 

092811_Cheryl-Pearson-McNeilNNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell says new report will empower African-Americans

By the year 2015, African-Americans will be spending id="mce_marker".1 trillion a year on products and services.

Currently, the Black population in the U.S. has a buying power of nearly id="mce_marker" trillion – a figure larger than the gross domestic product of most countries in the world.


There was a time when I was very young that people would intimidate me because of the color of my skin. My mother would put me on a Greyhound bus in Los Angeles and send me to Shreveport, Louisiana to bond with my grandparents and other relatives. Once that bus got to El Paso, Texas the driver would announce “From here on out we will observe segregation rules. Coloreds must sit in the back of the bus. When we come to rest stops you must use restrooms and cafeterias designated as colored.”

Bridging the Wealth Gap

(TriceEdneyWire) - While the nation is fixated on a debt ceiling standstill, the number one issue on the minds of Americans -- jobs -- has largely been ignored. But in addition to experiencing the worst economic downfall since the Great Depression, we are now also officially witnessing the largest ethnic wealth disparity in decades. For those who claim we are in some sort of ‘post-racial’ society, I have news for you: we are anything but.


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