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banner_jboney_colorYou know it is crazy to me, when I see federally elected officials on both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives, Democrats and Republicans, voting to repeal the landmark Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was championed by President Barack Obama.

It always amazes me how a person, who doesn’t have the same concerns and issues surrounding healthcare, can callously deny the same hook-ups and opportunities that they have access to and enjoy without worry.

v29_obamaThe “N-word” has become synonymous with the most disrespectful and commonly used ethnic slur to refer to black people. The word suggests that its target is extremely unsophisticated.

When you look at the current racial climate in the United States, you will find that people have found it comfortable to spew their racist rhetoric and express their racist actions.

There are some that boldly use the “N-word” without fear or reservation. However, there are others that don’t have the guts to say it directly, so they resort to using code wording.

banner_jboney_colorI find the reaction to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’s majority opinion, ruling the Affordable Care Act constitutional, an interesting one. You have many people, particularly those within the Republican Party, that have begun to demonize Roberts for his decision.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States and has ultimate jurisdiction over all federal courts and over state court cases involving issues of federal law, and original jurisdiction over a small range of cases.

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banner_jboney_colorAre African-American people Democrats or are they Republicans?

If you look at current voting patterns, you could make the argument that African-Americans are Democrats. In the 2008 Presidential election, African-Americans overwhelmingly voted for President Barack Obama by a whopping 96%.

I don't know any political party that wouldn't be salivating at the thought that a specific voting demographic would guarantee them 51% of their votes every year. Such is the case of the African-American vote.......minus the salivation.

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fall, when

you see Geese

heading South for

the Winter, flying along

in V formation, you might

consider what science has dis-

covered as to why they fly that way:

banner_jboney_colorI have spent the fair share of my life flying on airplanes. Many people are afraid of them, but not me.

I will admit that I don’t get overly excited about flying on planes, especially for long periods of times.   The reason is that unless you are flying first-class, the ride can be uncomfortable. I mean, you are often confined to a space on the plane, sometimes shared between two to three people and God forbid you have the seat that’s in the middle. Ughhhh!!!!!!

banner_jboney_colorWhenever circumstances occur in my life, I seek to learn from them and gain revelation from those experiences.

Recently, I was at my office when I received a phone call from home, informing me that my 11-year old son had suffered an injury. The severity of his injury was not fully known. I was told that he had been in tears and that he was complaining of serious pain.


The lesser of two evils principle is the idea in politics that of two bad choices, one isn’t as bad as the other and should be chosen over the one that is the greater threat. 

Many in the evangelical community and those that profess to be evangelicals, have condemned President Obama and have sought to brand him as the most radical elected official that has ever ran for and held public office.

banner_jboney_colorBlack people, what is wrong with you?

Why are you looking for a leader outside of your own race and spinning your wheels chasing after something that you already possess?

If you don’t know what you possess, black people, let me tell you!

Black people possess faith and freedom.

v20_jb_fish_moneyHave you ever gone fishing?

Well, whether you have or haven’t, I’ve got a simple question for you that I know you could easily answer.

If you decided to go fishing one day and came upon two ponds, one to the left and one to the right, which pond would you choose?


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