HAIRS THE MONEY—Nora Johnson, of Sisters Beauty Supply, poses with hair pieces, some of her largest moneymakers. (Photo by J.L. Martello)Whether it is fried, dyed and laid or laid to the side; braided or loose; kinky, curly or straight; and even glued, sewn or bobby pinned, one’s hair is essential to every look. According to the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association, the Black hair care & cosmetic industry is a $9 billion industry and it serves millions of African-Americans.

v37_biz_newsRev. Dr. E. T. Caviness, board chair National Action Network Greater Cleveland Chapter & president and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Cleveland Chapter), spearheaded the push to make this an all inclusive effort by all the civil rights organizations.

Civil rights leaders joined in support of a suit filed against Dunkin’ Donuts.

v37_wfThe opportunity to purchase a vacation home is a “dream come true” for many. Spending time away from home allows you to take a break from work, relax with your family, and enjoy fresh surroundings.

Yet to enjoy the benefits, owners of second homes face a few major responsibilities. Among the most important is protecting their properties — and their financial investments — against life’s unexpected events. Having sufficient insurance for your home-away-from-home can help protect your vacation haven — and your finances.

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v36_social_mediaSprint charges for incoming international calls, I know. Imagine my surprise to see additional charges for calls to India. I had not called anyone in India. As it turned out, my friend Rashid had called me several times and, I was charged for incoming calls.

There are so many calling apps on the market for the iPhone and Android technology. Bobsled is just the latest addition. What I like about Bobsled is the quality of the call when I talking to Rashid in India!

v36_wf_retirementIt’s tempting to tap your retirement savings or reduce the amount you’re investing when faced with conflicting financial priorities. Yet an increasing number of individuals are doing so without understanding the long-term implications.

Even in a strong economy there are large expenses that will tempt you to tap into your retirement accounts, from paying for a child’s education or wedding, to paying off credit card or medical bills. A weak economy makes it even tougher to stay the course. And while taking money from your 401(k), IRA, or another qualified retirement account may seem like a good solution at the time, it can create hardships down the road, forcing difficult lifestyle choices.

v35_power_outagePower outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects.

Access to the Internet is dependent on connectivity to electricity. A computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, netbook, wi-fi, modem, etc. all require electrical power.

So, what if the next time power goes out on your street, a standby generator automatically kicks in and keeps your computer up and running for several hours? Having a power generator will give you that time, especially if you were in the middle of working on an important document.

v35_school_planningIt’s back to the classroom for kids across the country – a time for excitement and trepidation by parents and students alike. Will your child be a sports standout? Will he or she succeed socially as well as scholastically?

It’s also a time when your focus on your child’s future intensifies. Will there be money for college? Will my child achieve financial success as an adult?

The following tips can help you find answers for these questions as you plan for the months ahead, and for many back-to-school days to come.


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