v36_wf_retirementIt’s tempting to tap your retirement savings or reduce the amount you’re investing when faced with conflicting financial priorities. Yet an increasing number of individuals are doing so without understanding the long-term implications.

Even in a strong economy there are large expenses that will tempt you to tap into your retirement accounts, from paying for a child’s education or wedding, to paying off credit card or medical bills. A weak economy makes it even tougher to stay the course. And while taking money from your 401(k), IRA, or another qualified retirement account may seem like a good solution at the time, it can create hardships down the road, forcing difficult lifestyle choices.

v35_power_outagePower outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects.

Access to the Internet is dependent on connectivity to electricity. A computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, netbook, wi-fi, modem, etc. all require electrical power.

So, what if the next time power goes out on your street, a standby generator automatically kicks in and keeps your computer up and running for several hours? Having a power generator will give you that time, especially if you were in the middle of working on an important document.

v35_school_planningIt’s back to the classroom for kids across the country – a time for excitement and trepidation by parents and students alike. Will your child be a sports standout? Will he or she succeed socially as well as scholastically?

It’s also a time when your focus on your child’s future intensifies. Will there be money for college? Will my child achieve financial success as an adult?

The following tips can help you find answers for these questions as you plan for the months ahead, and for many back-to-school days to come.

v34_boltThe 2012 Olympics in London generated 150 million tweets and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt ran away with a big share of them, according to Twitter.

The social network, assessing the 16-day event, found that Bolt’s 200m and 100m races prompted the most chatter during the Games. The former netted more than 80,000 tweets per minute while the former generated more than 74,000 TPMs as they’re known in Twitter’s headquarters.

v34_olympic_goldIf you’re one of the millions of viewers who watched the Olympics recently, you’re not alone. Nielsen research shows that the all-important, mega-produced opening ceremony in London garnered a stunning 40.7 million total U.S. viewers (Blacks made up 3 million of those watching), annihilating all previously held records for a Summer Olympics broadcast. Not surprisingly, Americans are far more likely to tune in when the games are happening on home turf. Until now, Atlanta’s Olympics opening ceremony in 1996, attracted the largest number of viewers with roughly 40 million. As much as we want to think of the Olympics exclusively as the world’s foremost sports competition (and it is), that can catapult participants into national and even international fame (which it can), it is also a marketing bonanza for sponsors, advertisers and marketers. So, while millions of us watched with bated breath to see which of our stellar athletes or teams would ascend the podium to accept the gold, bronze or silver medals, billions of dollars were spent and/or made to capture our attention as we did all of that watching – and you thought consumerism wasn’t a professional sport!

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v33_social_mediaAbout the organization:

The Brentwood Business Development Association was manifested to "promote, empower and provide opportunities for growth, and to spotlight our Brentwood businesses and professional people."

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v33_monkeyTo break the monotony of a boring news day, I sometimes watch Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader. Some would have to say no, with the new math and all. But what about a monkey? Are you smarter than a monkey? Well this app gives you a chance to find out just how smart you are. Lots of fun and helps to stimulate the brain.


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