v30_farmbillWASHINGTON, D.C. – After a meeting of the House Agriculture Committee that lasted into the early morning hours, Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) is pleased to announce the passage of two amendments to the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2012, known as the Farm Bill. Congresswoman Fudge sponsored the USDA Microloan and the USDA Youth Loan amendments. Both amendments are enormous victories for the 11th Congressional District and national urban agriculture movement. This was a bipartisan effort supported by Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska.

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v30_wellsfargolToday’s farmers and ranchers know about the value and potential earning power of their assets.   Yet they also know, despite the value and potential, that they often have to manage funds month by month, and it’s not always easy to make ends meet.

Consider this: Texas farmers and ranchers lead in cattle, cotton, hay, sheep, goats and wool/mohair in the U.S. The fact is agricultural services and products are valuable to our nation and for global consumption and the actual assets of farmers and ranchers – land, equipment, stock and the like – are valuable in their own right.

v29_yahooThe passwords and usernames of more than 400,000 contributors to the Yahoo Voices website have been stolen and posted on the Internet.

The hack was carried out by an organization calling itself "D33Ds Company," which posted the data on the Web.

The D33Ds Web page containing the data was down when checked at press time. However, the text file is reportedly available through torrents.

v29_businessLet’s get back to basics. The goal of any business or organization should always be to provide the best customer service possible, even during difficult situations!

Often times we fail to evaluate how others view our business based on conversations we’ve had or our networking skills. Do you follow the path of least resistance when dealing with your employees?

To continue to succeed in building a great business reputation, and increase your bottom line (revenue) you will want do some soul-searching and avoid these habits.

v28_biz_clarkeA bold move by former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Teresa Clarke has paid off. One year after relaunching the web portal, Clarke and her team celebrate phenomenal growth.

Said Clarke, "International interest in investment in Africa has been on the rise, but in the African internet space, things have picked up even faster, and growth will be explosive over the next decade. There is a feeling that you are part of something phenomenal happening and the challenge of keeping up is invigorating."

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v28_biz_hatsChances are you have read plenty of advice about how to run a business. It’s easy to find helpful hints and inspiring success stories. But what about the mistakes you should take care to avoid?

As a banker I’ve seen well-intentioned, capable small business owners face some of the same challenges in a wide range of fields. To help you learn from their experiences, I’d like to share with you the six biggest lessons these business owners have revealed to us. Each of the six missteps are preventable, from strategic decision-making to everyday banking:

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v28_biz_freeI really like FREE online business services that are actually good and free.

If you are planning a meeting and you need folk to dial in, then try

Avoid traveling around the country or across town with free conference call services and save valuable time and resources. Be more effective with what you have by organizing a conference call instead of in person meetings. Now is an important time to tighten the belt and using a free conference calling service is a great way to lower your costs.


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