v25_wf_raising_capitalMoney makes the world go round, as the saying goes. The same can be said for small business ventures—you have to have adequate capital to keep your small business engine running on all cylinders. Raising capital can be an especially challenging proposition in today’s tight credit market.

v25_tech_flash_browserI was looking for an app that would play adobe flash files on my iPad. I found one , that is worth trying.

Appsverse Photon Browser is a browser that is designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with the experience optimized and enhanced. It is also a powerful browser that supports Flash player for iPad and the browsing of Flash websites by streaming these sites from servers in the cloud. Appsverse Photon Browser is a fully featured browser that combines the fast experience of browsing on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with a Flash player.

v25_sm_ebookA new platform called wants to make your favorite e-books available to the world for free.

Through a crowdfunding platform inspired by Kickstarter and the public radio model, is hosting campaigns to turn individual, already-published books into Creative Commons licensed e-books. This means that you could legally read and share e-books for free with anyone across the globe.

v23_tech_newsTo today's iPad generation, accustomed to lightweight portable computing power, the first computer Roy L. Clay Sr. helped build may seem like a relic.
When Clay, now 82, learned how to program computer code in 1956, Bill Gates was in diapers. Universities didn't have computer science programs. And a computer stable enough to run for a full day without failing was the holy grail.

v23_facebook_phoneSo Facebook wants to make a smartphone. Not just a nice app that it sorely lacks right now, but a piece of hardware that it supposedly will design, with the help of a half-dozen former iPhone and iPad software and hardware engineers it has hired.

v22_wf_hughWhat is the premise of Wells Fargo’s Home Preservation Workshops?

The upcoming workshop is for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo Financial and Wells Fargo Home Equity customers who are facing financial hardships. We recognize that some of our customers are struggling to pay their bills because they had unexpected medical bills, went through a divorce or experienced a job loss, for example. This workshop offers our customers the opportunity to work face-to-face with a home preservation specialist to determine the best next steps for them.

v22_technewsNovember is only six short months away, so the 2012 campaign for the White House is moving full-speed ahead.  Because we live in the miracle of this fantastically dizzying digital age with news and information at our fingertips and coming at us from infinite sources; and because more than 274 million Americans are connected to the Internet, you probably won’t be surprised that we have converged upon the Internet for any and all tidbits surrounding the presidential candidates since the beginning of the year.  Even though Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican nominee, I think it’s fascinating to see which candidates attracted the most visitors to their sites.  Don’t you?  Aw, come on, aren’t you a little curious?


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