v7_wesley_snipes_taxesWith the Arrival of February, many Texas taxpay­ers have started receiving W2 forms from their employers and thinking about the upcom­ing tax season. All taxpayers should be on the lookout for tax scams that seek to steal their money and identities. Tax season can be a particu­larly active time for identity thieves, because tax returns contain all the information they need – Social Security numbers, names, addresses, employer information, invest­ment account numbers – to open fraudulent accounts in a taxpayer’s name or steal a taxpayer’s income tax refund. Fortunately, taxpayers can avoid becoming identity theft victims by staying informed and avoiding common tax schemes.

v7_stem_president_obama_more_fundsU.S. President Barack Obama is requesting $80 mil­lion in new funds for an effort to boost science, technology, engineering and math educa­tion in U.S. schools.

The White House an­nounced the initiative Tues­day as President Obama host­ed the second White House Science Fair. He credited the young participants in the fair with “getting America in shape to win the future.”

v6_thornhill_wells_fargoBy Michelle Thornhill

New Year resolutions can be difficult to make, and even harder to keep. This year, as I made resolutions around my health; spending time with family and friends; and spiritual growth, I also made a point to include financial related goals. For 2012, my family set two financial goals: to eliminate credit card debt and meet with a financial specialist to review our plans for retirement and college savings. I say family because my husband and I felt it was very important to include our five and seven year old sons in the process. They each established their own financial goal – my seven-year old decided he would save money to buy and care for a guinea pig (wonderful!).

v6_boney_texas_business_alliance“State of Houston Small Business Economy

The Texas Business Alliance held its 4th Annual Meeting and “State of the Houston Small Business Economy” Luncheon on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, at the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.

v6_google_privacy_policyGoogle announced changes to its privacy policies that will allow the web giant to merge user data collected across multiple services, an update that promises to renew scrutiny over Google’s privacy practices.

The new privacy policies go into effect on March 1. Users have no choice but to accept the changes, except, of course, to stop using Google’s services.

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 In monthly report, Dreyer cites 2011 as year of historic accomplishments  

HOUSTON – Building on a record year, the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority has approved a significant new redevelopment plan for obsolete properties located on the Houston Ship Channel at the Turning Basin Terminal.  Demolition of existing facilities on the properties would progress over the next three years, and is expected to increase the value of the properties by an amount far in excess of the demolition costs, according to R.D. Tanner, Senior Director, Real Estate. The value of many of the tracts is enhanced by existing rail access and close-at-hand freeway location.  The redevelopment plan was among a host of matters decided during the Port Commission’s Jan. 24 regular meeting.

v3_technews_mcneilMulti-Devices = A Multitasking Success

Whew! Is it me? Or is 2012 flying by already? I am a January baby, and I celebrate my born day at the beginning of the month. As soon as my birthday is over, I sometimes feel like it’s July already, mainly because I am a busy lady and the days just get away from me so quickly. You know the feeling, whether it’s your job, taking care of your family’s needs, making sure you even remember to take care of your needs…it’s tough.


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