It seems like you can do just about anything from the palm of your hand these days. Send a text message to someone on a different continent, play your favorite tune from your thousand-song playlist, get directions to a restaurant in Mexico and even watch videos on your mobile device. Now, you can also add paying bills and getting a snapshot of your account information to that list.

PlugBug Charger for MacBook iPadPlugBug is a simple adapter that connects easily to your existing MacBook power adapter, adding a 10W USB charger (the same wattage as the one that ships with the iPad) for charging your iOS devices. The 10W capacity means that it’ll charge your iPad faster than the standard iPhone/iPod charger, and will still also be able to charge those devices just as easily, too.

Payday Loan Collection ScamsKnow your rights and responsibilities

Almost every consumer is concerned with today’s tough financial times. But for those looking to make a fast buck, tough times can also make for easy prey – especially when a payday loan borrower can be tracked down. 


Graduation is the start of huge changes for students who have spent years studying and training for a professional job – for example, doctors, dentists, lawyers and various business and other health care careers. After years of frugal living and racking up substantial student loan debt, a graduate embarking on a professional career likely anticipates major income potential.

Wells Fargo - Cary Yates ArticleYou may be among the majority of couples in the nation who live on a double income, yet you may find that you have to switch from two incomes to one. One of you might go back to school; maybe you want to start a family; perhaps it’s for health reasons or some other life change you foresee. Whatever the reason, the key to moving from a double to single income household is preparing for it.

Wells Fargo Financial Check-upIn beauty salons and barber shops across the nation, at summer barbecues and holiday dinners, African Americans have a long tradition of indulging in rich conversation. So much so that we’ve created our very own cultural vernacular, or way of speaking. No matter the venue, when we come together we are ready to talk about it all, from current events and politics to music and relationships. Nothing is off limits…well, almost.

Steve HarveyFresh off the success of his two relationship-advice books, syndicated radio personality Steve Harvey is pitching a daytime talk show to NBC Universal to premiere in 2012.


According to NBC-owned The Root, the show will focus on similar issues as his books, and will feature Harvey’s unique style of humor about men and women’s relationships. If given the green light, the show will be executively produced by Harvey and his longtime business cohort Rushion McDonald.


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